01 May 2006

101st Keyboards

I mainly read what could be considered "right-wing" blogs. However, at times I have read some "left wing" blogs if they believe in classical liberal ideals (that is promoting democracy around the world, Kennedy Style diplomacy, etc). The other thing I read with interest from time to time is military blogs, or milblogs for short, so that I can get an idea on what other people in the services see and their own opinions about ideas. It is strange I know, but we are not mindless automatons who march to whatever drum is being played by a politico.
So what is even funnier to read how some of the milbloggers are reporting on the good news coming from the fronts of home, Afghanistan, Iraq, and other major areas of the war on terrorism being challenged by some of the more extremist and angry (and unfortuantely typically modern) liberal. They have challenged a number of the milbloggers by calling them "chicken hawks" to start with, then to attack these bloggers own experiences, and just be unwilling to enter into an intelligent debate about issues.
So the milbloggers in an attempt to shake off the hate (yes Virginia, that is hate these liberal bloggers are spouting), like a duck to water, created the 101st Fighting Keyboardists. A blogger who runs, Captain's Quarters, has the full details on the idea.
A number of milbloggers and other right wing bloggers have picked up and joined the roles. It is really interesting, because these are the people who are on the front lines, near them, in the command control staffs, or just people interested in making sure that good news comes out about the war on terrorism and how the military is doing.
Why are the milbloggers and most of the rest of the right wing writing about the war and in general some of the hate and punditry that is coming out now a days? I think it is because they honestly believe in have an honesty and open debate about the issue and to show that for every bombing/assassination/murder by terrorist, every prisoner abuse scandal, every supposed contract screw up; that there is good going on in this war. That countries that have been embroiled in war for the better part of 10+yrs are getting rebuilt, children are seeing a future beyond becoming cannon fodder for some tyrannical regimes war machine, and finally that maybe just maybe it is up to the US and the rest of the industrialized world to bring the idea of basic rights of humans to these nations.
I don't know if I am completely ready to sign on yet with the 101st, but I do believe in their idea. It will take me a while probably to warm up to signing my name on the dotted line. I do know this though, I will try my hardest to challenge on a logical level those that live just for emotion and the right now. I guess you could probably call me a sympathizer to the 101st ideals for right now. Probably more to this as I take some more time to think about it.

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