29 April 2006

Some bad days at the office

I like to collect aviation photos and navy related photos. I hawk a number of different photo uploading sites looking for interesting photos. Along with trading some with friends who do the same thing. Anyhow, here are some shots that I have dug up from when a bad day happens while flying naval aircraft.

A shot of a AD-6 settling after suffering a bad catapult shot while trying to launch onboard the USS Valley Forge CV-45, also known as the Happy Valley.

The shot of an AD-6 where the pilot has mis-judged his landing and is about the smack the flight deck and spin over the side. One can only guess what caused this incident. I am close to thinking that he got a wave off too late from the LSO. The Platform you can see just to the right side of the picture and at the end of the flight deck

A KA-6D of VA-176 catching fire on the flight deck. But you can see the air crew has already jettisoned the canopy and are either getting ready to eject or jump out. The flightdeck member near the bottom of the shot is or has signaled the fire to the aircrew. If I remember what lead up to this from the person who sent it to me was this. The connection between the centerline drop tank and the fuel lines failed and started to spew fuel at hi pressure all over the place. Which was then caught in the hot exhaust. Heat and JP-5 don't mix well.

This was a shot taken by an uncle of mine. From when he was onboard the USS Constellation CV-64 during the Vietnam war. This looks like a typical scene of aircraft getting ready to launch. However in the back ground is an F-4B of one of the fighter squadrons onboard just hanging off the side of the ship. What had happen was that the plane had its brakes fail while recovering and the pilot spun into catwalk in the area on the bow of the ship from where the angle deck ended. They had to leave the plane there until the ship returned to NS Subic Bay in the Philippines for a pier crane to lift the plane out of its problem. They were able to resuce the crew by using the deck crane "Tilly" with a basket over the side and after the crash and smash crews broke the canopies, they pulled the aircrew to safety. My uncle told me that the RIO turned in his wings that next day after spending some time in sickbay recovering.

A shot of another AD-6 this time landing on the USS Philippine Sea CV-47. Due to damage of some sort, the plane has exploded and you can see the engine wants to keep going down the flight deck.

Anyhow, Naval Aviation is a dangerous job and when you have accidents they can be pretty bad. Just keep that in mind each time you watch "Top Gun",older epsoides of "JAG", and even some better movies such as "Bridges At Toko-Ri" or "Men of the Fighting Lady" .

Oh and if any of you fine readers have some interesting pictures of naval aircraft or navy ships I would love to get them. Use my email link at the sidebar to contact me.


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