15 April 2006

College and my future

One of the things I did this past week was enjoy time with my family and friends. We went up in to the mountains near a cousin's home and did some fishing, beer drinking, and talk about our lives. Due to my job, I hadn't had a chance to be with them that often.
Most of my family is blue-collar. The cousins that I spent time with were pipefitters by trade and have been doing that for about 20-30yrs. My grandfather taught my dad how to weld and be a pipe fitter as well. My dad took his welding skills and for a while played around in the dirt track racing circut in the mid-west while playing around in college. He joined the Navy near when his draft number was getting called up and the rest is history as they say.
Well I putzed around in college too when I graduated from Hometown HS. I didn't really do much beyond not care about school, now that I think about it I was just burned out of school and wanted to get away. So too joined the Navy and have enjoyed it since.
During this little get together, one of the things that was brought up by everyone I talked to was how they wished they could of gone to college. The person (my oldest cousin living near me) I was staying with was about the same age as my father was was looking to retire. It was interesting to hear from him that he had wish he went to college instead of going right out and getting a trade. One of the really interesting things he did was go up to Alaska and work on sections of the oil pipeline. I know that he earned enough and put away some money for his kids to go to college and was proud of how they turned out. There was plenty of that coming too from some of the other friends and family that I hung out with.
So after coming home a couple of days ago, I have decided to do it and am going back to school. I have decided to start slow and take a class at a college featured at the local Navy College office. I don't know how much I will get done, but I want to get back into the groove. See if I like staying up until the crack of dawn finishing a postion paper, you know all the rest of the fun college stuff. I am almost 30 and have moved past the typical drunken frat boy stuff, so i don't really need to experience that side. Got enough of that being overseas at various port calls, besides some places in S. Europe are more fun then any frat party I have ever been too.
Maybe I will get enough done to drop an officer conversion package and convert to the dark side and become a regular line officer. That would be something to be down in Pensacola after 90-day wonder school and have ensign bars pinned on my shoulders by my father while he wears a "CWO for CNO " or "Hard to be humble when your a Mustang" t-shirt.

If any of you gentle readers out there have any good pictures of a Mustang Patch, LDO/CWO patch that poke fun celebration of thier status when compared to regular line officers please email me a link. I would love to add one to my collection of pictures near the bottom of this blog.

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