04 April 2006


So I haven't posted in about a week and a half. I know that, I really wanted to turn this into a daily blog. However, I have been busy with work. So, sorry about that folks. On top of this I have been trying to frame some stories and events in the best way so that I do not get harrassment from the guilt and convict the innocent, along with trying to bare my soul about everything going on. I am normally a reserved person and pretty quiet about my background and events. I started this so that I could get past that and I am starting to every so slowly get things arranged and start talking about my life.
The hard part about the way that I work right now is that I am supposed to the be working approximately an 9-10 hr day. However, there have been a few days when dealing with a few of the kids that I work with, and some of these kids are physically older then me but mentally 2-3yrs old, and putting up with a constantly in flux schedule for flights. I fix'em while some college educated jokers go up in to the wild gray and break them. That is another post for another time. Anyhow, by the time I get home from starting work at around 1845(6pm for you non-12hr clock folks). All I really want to do is cook dinner sit down, read the paper, while watching my local all news station and then hopefully stay up to catch a few TV shows and progress to bed. It doesn't always work like that. There have been a few times that I have passed out on my couch with a newpaper on my chest and the TV still on.
I am sure that you all can relate to days like that. So please forgive your very humble blogger here for not posting in a few weeks. Now that I have made my aplogies, check out a few recent posting that I have gotten around to doing about the past few weeks events.

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