22 March 2006

Some interesting pictures

In a posting yesterday, I talked how much I liked CBS's newest action drama "The Unit". Digging around on the shows website and via google I read up that the technical advisor used to be the Command Sargent Major of the Delta Force. I have only personnally meet members of the 1st/75th Rangers, they came out with elements of a SEAL team and the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne) onboard USS Oldship. To play and pracitice using a carrier to conduct operations while we cruise off Key West and Miami one week. I don't know nor care what they were doing, it was just interesting to be told to leave the flight deck while up there running one summer night and then watch on the PLAT as MH-47's, AH-6's and MH-60's started to land. Most of those guys I meet were great people, real nice and willing to sit with you at chow and BS about anything. I am sure that if we had time together in a port, it would of been a good time telling sea stories and "There I was.." type over a few beers.
Anyhow, what I know about the Delta Force is from popular media. Books like "Black Hawk Down" and MSM articles about what they know from talking to them. I do know that the first mission for the Delta was the rescue of the Hostages from the American Embassy in Iran after the 1979 revoultion. I ran across some offical DoD pictures over at a frequent website that I haunt looking for cool and interesting pictures. That site is called, The Defense Visual Information Center. It is a clearing house for all sorts of DoD related photos and video that is shot. They have a search engine and have still photos that people can download and use for personal use. Just on a whim I put in a certain designator for a helo type, the RH-53D Sea Dragon which use to be a helo that the Navy used as an aerial minesweeper. Anyhow I ran across photos of some of those RH-53's as they flew on to the USS Nimitz a week before the rescuse attempt and then pictures of the helos hours before they left the deck. Just made me think again about history and what all those guys were thinking before they left. So for you to view here are some of those pictures:

For those guys that didn't come back, first round is on me when we meet in the next life.

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