21 March 2006

GI Joe in a live action TV show

I grew up watching GI Joe cartoons on TV and playing with the action figures. Not dolls, action figures damn it! I use to have a number of the figures, vehicles, and command posts. My room was never big enough to create a serious pitch battle between the agents of COBRA and GI Joe, so I would drag most of them out to the living room in my house or in the dining room. It was great toy from the 80's. Cause of that and growing up in as a military brat since my father was in the Navy, I grew attached to reading and watching action adventure novels, movies, and TV shows. One of the shows that I was really additicted to for the longest time was "JAG" then I got hooked on "NCIS "since it is produced by the same guy. Recently they were showing ads for new TV show on CBS is a show called "The Unit" It stars Dennis Haybert, recently off "24" and the main man in all the current Allstate commericals; Robert Patrick, who was T-1000 in Terminator 2 and also recently played Johnny Cash's dad in the movie "Walk the Line". Check out the website and the cast info there are a number of other people that you might recognize off hand to.
I have seen three epsoides so far and have really gotten a kick out of this show. Reminds me a lot of the things I use to do with my GI Joe action figures and some of the things I use to read in the Marvel comics published as a kid. The other really neat thing I like about this show is that it isn't all action, but also seems to show the home front as well. What the wives have to put up with when thier husbands are gone. I really like this show even if it is about Army guys but over all it is a really good show and something that I hope will survive for a few seasons. I really think that CBS may have something going here in my humble opinion. I think if they drop the reality TV crap and bring in more action adventure dramas and more shows along the themes of CSI (another of my favs recently), I think they could pull themselves ahead of other major networks.

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