18 March 2006

If it was only as easy as they said

Well now I have been screwing around with the various ways to add and create this blog's template the way that I want it. I forgot how hard it is just to mess around strictly with HTML coding. I am not any where happy yet with the look, but I will be working my way around to being happy as soon as I read up more on HTML.

Sort of reminds me of trying to learn a foreign language in school. That was a complete fiasco. Way back when I was a lot younger and dumber, I jumped into full force into a foreign language. I really didn't want one, but the High School that I went to mandated that I need to attend one just to look good for colleges. I really wanted to learn German. That to me is an interesting language, also is sounded really easy. The Germanic tongue if you don't know is probably where most of English orignated from in a mutated form. Brought that up with my folks, they both squashed it like a bug. No, they didn't just squash it, but burned it, drawn and quartered it and finally mailed the various parts to seperate corners of the world. They thought that I should learn Spanish. Primarly because they both took it when they were in school. Both of them told me that it was going to be easy and pretty much walk in the park with considering how smart I am with reading books and picking up topic.
So after submitting my request for registaration to the school. The next week I get in the mail my course along with the school map and the rooms highlighted and my locker highlighted. Not that the map was ever right, it always happened that things changed in between registration and start of class. Anyhow, here I am sitting as a sophmore in a Spanish class learning that there are two different verision of Spanish along with two completely different dialects. One from Mexico and one from Spain itself. Although 99.99% of the word meaning is the same, there is that .0001% that is dependent completely on the inflection and tone of how you pronounce something. So I learning that, then as I progress through the semester I start to learn that whole macho and non-macho thing that goes with words all depending on who the noun refers to. Oh god my head started to spin. At that point I really quit learning and wanted to get out. The teachers I had tried to offer me tutoring, but I got to a point of not caring near the end of the school year that all I wanted to do is finish up and get back to learning something fun like history or comp science or even basic electrical science.

Now about 20yrs later the only Spanish I know is how to request Police, how to order a beer (or two or more) and how to say what my name is. Out of all that I have really only use the order beer line more every time I have stopped over in Spain. Almost the same with HTML. Now with the ability of various computer programs to do the "what you see is what you get" thing I forgot how hard it is to play around with this thing and make the computer do what I want.

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