15 April 2006

Military Recuriters still being harassed at colleges

So catching up with the news while you have been out of contact with the world can be interesting and daunting. One of the things that happened to catch my eye was this about the protest against military recruiters at a UC Santa Cruz job fair. That was followed by this and this. Now UC Santa Cruz has been catching fire and flak from the conservative side of the house and doesn't like it.
Again I am no legal eagle, but the Solomon amendment (read it again)made it abundantly clear and as I pointed out in my earlier post on this same subject. The amendment makes it clear that the Secretary of Defense can pull all federal funding to this institute of higher education.
What does it mean, well to quote the law:

Covered Funds. - (1) The limitation established in
subsection (a) applies to the

(A) Any funds made available for the Department of

(B) Any funds made available in a Departments of Labor, Health
and Human Services, and Education, and Related Agencies Appropriations
(2) The limitation established in
subsection (b) applies to the

(A) Funds described in paragraph

(B) Any funds made available for the Department of
Homeland Security.

Okay. So that includes all money from the US Department of Defense, Department of Labor, HHS, Education, and selected other members of the executive branch.
Well we don't take money from the Department of Defense? You don't? What about projects funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency? They give out loans and grants to all sort of technology, science, biology sciences. DARPA were some of the people that funded the initial development of the world wide web. They have developed some of the newer riot control agents used by police forces through out the US like pepper spray rounds that can be fired from a shotgun and containment foam. They have their fingers in a large number of different projects. Think of losing some of that money.
US Department of Labor gives you funding things such as equal employment opportunity council, training to understand workers rights, wage rights, training on health plans, training for understanding your OHSA rights, etc.
Department of HHS gives you money for the lower income housing for college students, the student health centers, funding to those medical sciences and health sciences related to studying AIDS/Cancer/the common cold/flu, substance abuse, etc.
There are probably more portions of the federal government that is paid out to schools for other various projects.
So if you or your children are graduate students or even professors and wonder where your going to get your funding for your project, don't come complain to the federal government when students take to doing more then just peaceful protesting of military recruiters. It is amazing how fast people change their tune when you start to affect their pocket book.

Like I said before if you want to protest the military fine, but do it nicely and with some sort of civility. Just like you can't block access to abortion clinics, access to military recruiters can't be blocked anymore. What to do? Well you could put up a table near the recruiters and counter recruit. You could stage a civil protest just on the outside of near the building or on the lawn outside of the building they are in and make your statement . Again blocking access or acting like this, is very stupid and will actually turn your audience away from you.

Anyhow, I believe in the right of the First amendment and believe in the right to protest. It is absolutely amazing what happened during civil non-violent protests through out this nations history. You know the history that isn't taught anymore in schools. Yet, I don't believe in being stupid, just plain ignorant, and rabble-rousing. Amazing too how many times people were turned off pretty fast and quickly from violent protests or counter protests in this nations history as well.
I wonder if there will be hell to pay in the next couple of weeks if something doesn't changes for UCSC.


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