27 April 2006

A little bit of history for you all.

One of the first Joint Ops, between the US Army and the US Navy occurred on the 18th of April 1942. Here is the US Department of Defense's website tribute page to it. The Doolittle Raid, were a number of B-25B's were flown off the USS Hornet to bomb Tokyo. There are also a couple of good books about the incident, the first if Gen. Doolittle's own autobiography "I Could Never Be So Lucky Again : An Autobiography" and then there is the book written by then Captain Ted Lawson called "Thirty Seconds over Tokyo". Capt. Lawson's book was later made into a movie during the war .

Just something to think about as you watch the news and listen to the war in Iraq. That there are still heroes and will always be heroes in this world. The folks that rise up to achieve something important, but don't think about it until others recognize them.

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