25 June 2008

Geeky fan boy moment

I want to get this off my chest right here and right now. I have one geeky fanboy obsession. That is GI Joe. As a child of the 1980's I grew up watching the cartoon and having the action figures. I remember having the huge GI Joe Skystriker and remember seeing the live action ones fly over my head while as a kid in Virginia Beach, Va. It didn't matter to me that those jets I saw flying over my house were US Navy F-14's. In my mind at the time I thought they were just waiting for the likes of Ace to take them up and do battle with. I use to annoy my mother by having huge out battles in the living room with all the different figures, vehicles, and bases. Leaving them out while she tried to clean up prior to having guests over.
I also liked to imagine that some place, some where there really was a special Anti-terrorism force only answerable to the President in charge to protect us from evil terrorist group called Cobra. As per the norm with any childhood obsession though as one grows up it is filter by age and time. So my fun and coolness about GI Joe fell out of favor as other interests took up my time. It wasn't rekindled until I happen to run across a bunch of comic books featuring GI Joe. The obsession was rekindled. Now I hear there is a live action movie in the works and it is supposed to come out next summer some time. I can't wait, hopefully it will come out before I deploy on cruise.

Okay now back to the regularly scheduled programing.

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