23 June 2008

No rest for the weary

So I finally received orders in hand for my next unit. So I am basically going down the flight line for another sea tour, my third since coming into the US Navy in 1998. So now I have all sorts of transfer paperwork to go through prior to leaving the Zappers. The first is getting my medical knocked out and then deciding on when I am going to transfer. So the debate with myself is when I am going to transfer. I have to deal is I am authorized with thirty days of leave. Knowing that though and I have to report no later then the 19th of December means if take the full thirty then I will probably have to pull the double holiday shift when Christmas and the New Year comes up. On the other hand I could just take a couple of weeks off check in early and then try to wheel and deal to get at least the four days around Christmas off. That way I can spend time with the Fiancee and the rest of the family.

I also took some time today before getting home from work to travel and talk to my next unit. With in about a month of checking in to the new unit, they will start work-up cycle to deploy. I get a chance to go on deployment with them in July of next year. There are advantages to this and disadvantages.
  • The biggest disadvantage is that I am going to be gone from the future Mrs. Pirate for about 6 months during that cruise.
  • The advantage is I should be home again before the major family holidays later that year. Unlike last time where I was gone through the holidays.
  • Disadvantage is that even though I am getting married and the stress of trying to combine two households. There are somethings I won't be there to do such as helping to make the decorating decisions and helping to paint a room with whatever paint scheme we have decided on. Discussing on what furniture will go where and other fun single house hold topics such as that.
  • Advantage: I need to replace my pick-up truck. Beyond the fact that gas is about five thousand dollars a gallon, it is also hit that point where any repairs I do to it will be the same as the blue book value. I have hit that point where it isn't economical to keep anymore. So I get a new car this summer and will have a larger chunk of the loan pay it off with the cash from deployment.
  • Advantage: I don't want to sound like this, but again going on deployment and working hard on saving money. I should also be able to pay back the debt of the upcoming wedding.
  • Did I mention the biggest disadvantage was being separated from loved ones?

I guess it is true there is no rest for the weary.

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