31 October 2007

Haze Gray and Underway

Well dear readers as I write this I am in the process of packing up for my grand adventure to help show the flag, become an ambassador, and in general make the world safe for United States of America style democracy. When the big hour of midnight strikes tonight, I won't be out trick or treating; rather I will be on a big white plane flying out to be part of the early detachment on board the carrier my squadron is assigned to. I leave a day earlier then the rest of the main body and am get to meet up with the 18-wheelers that we stuffed everything including the kitchen sink.
So after today the updates to this little bit of the blogsphere will be laid up into preservation. I have a couple of guest authors who will be posting my comments from being on cruise for me. I do appreciate all of you that stop by and drop notes or comments.

Thanks folks.

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