12 February 2007

I hate Valentines day.

One is truly the loneliest number. Being alone truly sucks and trying to be in the dating scene is incredible hard. I am sure that plenty of people can relate. However, let me just add that do it in the military and while living in a military town. That just adds exponentially to the equation. As that most stupid and silly of holidays called Valentines comes upon us, I am only reminded of how much I hate dating. How much I am hating the idea that to be happy at my age I should be married with a house, dog, and 1.5 kids.
I have tried to do the typical things to meet that someone special. Joined clubs and organizations that go along with my hobbies. Gone on a few blind dates set up by friends of mine. I have re-entered college life as well at my local community college. I have even gotten so desperate to try and expand my search of some one to pay some of my hard earn cash to a local dating service/match maker. All of these have been colossal failures, I have meet all sorts of interesting women. If I was a better writer, well they could make some interesting characters for a book. I have also meet my share of strange, weird, and downright scary women out there as well. Yes people, even men can meet weird and wacko women that thrown them for a loop.
Just to give you some examples from my most recent adventures in the dating scene.

Meeting someone new in the neighborhood- I live in an apartment complex. I came home to my building and found a moving van parked out front. After dodging a mattress and almost being flatten like some really bad cliche by a mover losing his grip on a piano as they pushed it up the stairs to the front door; I was able to get inside and walked up to my apartment door. Next to me was a very beautiful brunette. She had a face that was very round and looked very much like Mary Anne off Gilligan's Island. The biggest thing that I noticed though was she had a pair of very cute gray eyes that just seemed to twinkle when she spoke. After tripping over myself as per my typical shy self, we introduced ourselves. I then proceeded to head inside to my apartment and wash the dirt from work off of me. A few days later she comes to my apartment and asks if I want to catch a movie. Not having any plans I say sure. We went to dinner, shopping, or the movies for the next couple of months until I started to get ready for my deployment to Japan. I went as part of a maintenance det to California where my planes were going to get some missile shots in. This is where the little relationship started to go south. The entire time I was down in California, I had a message a day or a message an hour from her asking what I was doing and why I wasn't talking to her. Even if I had just hung up about 8hrs prior to talking to her, she would still call. My spidey-sense started to go off about how this was shaping up to be a bad scene. Long story short, came home and broke it off. I don't mess around when I am in a relationship, period. My parents taught me to be better, but I also don't like it that I need to report myself like a parolee to a Probation officer when I am in a relationship with someone. If a woman can't trust me then can I trust her?

Blind Date- Let me put it this way if you have ever heard the song my Sam Cooke called "Another Saturday Night" and listen to him explain being setup by a friend. Well then you will know what I went through the one time I was setup by a friend at work.

Dating Service/Match Maker- After deciding on a whim to fork over $100 to a local dating service to set up a profile and what I was looking for. They promised a match for life. I meet a couple of wonderful women initially, but the minute that I mentioned I was in the military well the letters or phone calls stopped. The only one that seem to go far was being set up with a nice woman that was a couple of years younger then me. She lived about an hour away from me. We seem to either send each other an email once a day or phone each other just before getting off from work. It was nice and I was actually happy for a while. We talked about various things from rough days at work to just bad movies on TV. I finally decided after about a week of this to make the final move and go on an actual date. Wait around at the little coffee shop we agreed on till I finally got up, paid my bill and walked out. A phone call later on told me that I was being played with by this girl. When I called, the phone was answered by a man who claimed to be the boyfriend of this girl. Got the verbal threat from him and then hung up. The only time it seemed to be working well I was just cannon fodder for the jelous boyfriend to prove how much he loved her. Ha! Been there, done that, got the physical scars. Not again.

The only thing that I can say about going back to college and belonging to various clubs is that I am getting that much closer to getting my degree and I have found my rifle and pistol range scores have improved. Also I have gotten pretty good with my woodworking to make something beyond little toys.

Either I am incredible unlucky in love or I have my standards too high. Anyhow, I am at a pretty good level of just absolute hate with all popular media around me right now because all I see on TV, hear on the radio, or read in the newspapers is how I should be in love and spending hard earned cash on diamonds, gold, flowers, and dinner for a significant other. What if you don't have a SO? I think there should be a holiday for the lonely, broken hearted, divorced, dumped and otherwise love-abused people out there. One where you celebrate being alone, the special dinner rates are for those that saddle themselves up against the bar counter all by themselves. You know one that celebrates us lonely people that start to hate those silly little love songs on the radio.

In case you missed what I have been trying to say here it is in the abridged section:

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