02 January 2007

Vacation? What Vacation?

So at O dark 30 today I called in to the duty desk and finally checked out on my well earned holiday leave period for two weeks. Don't fret faithful readers I will not try to completely slack off on my attempts to entertain you all with really bad jokes and really bad stories about being a blue shirt in the Navy. So back to the story, I rolled back over after making my phone call and officially checking out on vacation. Woke up about 7hrs later and after fixing breakfast and shower, I took a hard look around and realized that since coming back from the land of the Rising sun I had let my living arrangements fall completely apart.
How bad was it you ask? let me put it this way I actually had 4 piles of clothes going scattered in the 3 rooms of my apartment. The pile of "Just out of the wash cycle", a pile of needs to be washed, and finally the pile of "I don't know exactly which pile this one fits in but it smells clean". On top of that I have stacks of boxes that I had used to move from the USS Oldboat to the parents and then to my apartment still stacked up in one of my closets. Finally about 2 months of old bills and bank statements gathered up sitting on my counters. Finally all the other simple crap that needs to be taken care of like dusting and vacuuming. Gathered all of my wash up and started to beat that down all the while I also turned around and started to clean my simple apartment today. I figure that if I take one room at a time a day I should at least get my apartment cleaned up before the weekend comes again. So it is going to be a busy week for me even though it is supposed to be my vacation.

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