31 December 2006

A short rerun

Back in April while digesting Rep. Charles Rangles attempt to push for a reintroduction of the draft. I did some digging around and found that the US DoD has been for the better part of twenty years doing demographics on the people in the military and covering everything from how old they are coming in, color of skin, to education, even what state they join up from (California is first followed by Texas). It is all put out here in the latest (if you consider 2002 latest) in the FY2002 Population Representation in the military services. I took some of this apart and looked hard at it and found some interesting stats that someone could use to challenge the debate that the military takes the poor, uneducated, colored masses from the inner city and thrusts them to be the cannon fodder for Americas wars. Read my break down in the post titled ""The demographics of the US Military or how anti-military folks have it wrong. "
Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness then check out their military personnel policy page to look at a couple of the older studies going as far back as 1997.
Again just take a look at these demographic studies and look at how typical of the US in general the military is. Not at all like some of the rabid anti-military folks like to portray it to be. However they don't care about what the stats say only what the believe in their hearts to be true. That is military recruiters go through the inner cities promising college and tons of money to poor dumb kids and in turn force them to become the cannon fodder for rich white capitalists.
Oh well I and plenty of the other mil bloggers let alone the number of military folks out here right now know the truth about the type of people coming in and why they come in. Those on the outside don't or won't understand nor will they even attempt to understand and that is their lost.

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