03 July 2006

Reporting from Shangri-la

So I have been forward deployed to an "undisclosed" location. Been here for about a week and a half and already am chaffing at some of the silliness that has come from this little deployment. I am living on a USMC base somewhere in the Far East and although the base is very nice, my command has decided in thier finite wisdom to punish everyone for a few peoples screw-ups back home. So while I see some fellow American's out here enjoying the sights, sounds, and tastes this wonderful country. I am instead restrticted to with in the base fence line unless I have 2 or more liberty buddies. GROAN! I am just chaffing to go out and see some of the sights that I can see just through the chain link and razor wire fence. I also want to go and taste some of the food and meet some of the people as well. We are told that maybe, just maybe the powers to be will let up on us if and when we prove that we can behave ourselves. Where as like I said I see Marines and other sailors that are permanent party to here in my pay grade able to go out and enjoy the town and not have to worry about liberty buddies. What makes this even worst is the fact that I was here a full week before my main body showed up and I got my liberty card the same day that they all did. There are too many people I work with right now that all I hear from this is "I want to save money", "I am afraid of the food", or the best one "I am afraid of the people and only want to get drunk on base".
Personnaly I want to save money myself but I go stir crazy looking at an open bay barracks (yes Virginia in the 21st I am still forced to live in open bay), I get tired of eating at McBruger or Taco Hell, and the country that I am deployed in right now I feel the safest in to date. It doesn't have the feel like I experienced over in Western Europe. I am also not a big drinker and if I do drink I only do a couple of beers or local alcohol during meals.
Although I am only here 90+ days I want to make the most of it and see and do as much as possible on the governments dime. I just hope that I will be able to do as much as possible and that my leadership will pull ther collective butts out of there heads and give us some freedome and not treat us like we are stuck on the boat.

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