18 June 2006

It wasn't love! This wasn't anything but rape of a child period!

Being bored early in the morning and looking for the TV to try and help me to fall I asleep I ran across a replay of Larry King on CNN. Sometimes he has interesting people on and talks about interesting subjects. However, I started to quit watching him after his almost constant coverage of the Michael Jackson and O.J. Simpson cases. Only recently has he started to turn around and cover not only actors but other news worthy people. This time though he was interview a former Seattle area teacher by the name of Mary Kay Letourneau and her new husband and former student Villi Fualaau. For those of you that don't know the story here is the long version over at Court TV's Crime Library.
Short story is basically this, a 35yr old woman started to have an affair with her 13yr old former middle school student. Through this affair she gave birth to not one but 2 children and ultimately went to jail for the crime of child rape. Caused the break-up of her previous marriage, which she had 2 children with her former husband. Threw a bunch of egg on the face of the school district where she worked since she was known to be seeing this child by co-workers and other students still no one said anything. A couple of weeks later a male teacher was caught just after her first arrest and had the book thrown at him; where she just had received some psychological counseling and a commuted sentence. Yet, somewhere in between her first and second arrest (where she and this student were going to run out of the country) she has become a national hero. Why?
I paid attention to this off and on from the day it happened up to the day she was released, because I use to live in the area. At first I thought this kid was lucky, but that was when I was a young 18-19yr myself with raging hormones. Now, though I see it for what it was. That was rape pure and simple. I don't care if they professed that they loved each other or that they have now gotten married. There is still something in my mind stinks about this whole situation between those two. I can't completely put my finger on it, but it just irritates me that this nation has fostered the 15mins of fame on a child rapist and her victim. Making them out to be the victims of the legal system some how.

Basically what I am saying is this and please repeat after me:
Mary Kay Letourneau is a Child Rapist!
Mary Kay Letourneau committed a crime!
Mary Kay Letourneau is a Sex Offender!
Vili Fualaau is not lucky, he is a victim!
If the genders were reversed and this was a man doing it to a girl we would of thrown him in the deepest, darkest, hole and let him rot.

Okay, now that I have this out of my system. Take a step back a look at what other cases have come up because of her and again look at how differences in media treatment were between them and men that were caught doing this to their students. Something is screwed up here folks and I don't think it is my way of thinking.

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