03 May 2006

Humor in the Uniform

I have gotten hit up by a few people recently in email on why I post a large amount of humorous stories or events on this blog. Well, mainly because I work a stress filled job and the chance to find humor is important to me to maintain balance. So that is why I have a lot of my posts about funny events that have occured to either myself or my co-workers while on or off duty. It is strange, but most of us in the military will find humor in some of the strangest ways (a short story I knew a guy at a command who use to just fire up a song from the movie "Flash Dance" on his stero and while in the shop dance like the Flash Dancer did in the movie). It is also strange but it seems to get worst (as in raunchy, nastier, etc) the longer we are deployed away from our kin. I guess it is the easiest way for all of us to deal with our stress of being away, the stress of doing the job in and out, and just stress in general. So that is why I put up mainly humorous stories about my adventures in life.

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