21 May 2006

The un-honorable Representative Murtha

I was traveling most of last week and really didn't have the time to sit down and put these thoughts into the system. I was watching and listening to it happen though and what is happening has started to burn me up.

The Pennsylvania 12th District Representative John P. Murtha. This district covers Pittsburgh, Johnstown, and most of the surrounding counties of those two cities. Since 2004 Rep. Murtha has been against the war in Iraq. That is his right to oppose what the government is doing. In 2005, he sponsored the House Joint Resolution 73 (aka H.J. 73) asking the president to redeploy a majority of US military forces in Iraq back home and keep only a token force on hand to assist the new Iraqi government. Though not much else has occurred with this bill it is was the first thing to bring Rep Murtha, who is a Democrat, to the fore front of the current Democrats fight against the president. He was formerly a US Marine from 1952 till 1990, serving both as an enlisted member and then was given a chance to serve as an officer in the mid 50's. He converted from active duty over to become a drilling reservist in 1959 and took command of the USMCR unit in Johnstown, PA. He activated himself in 1965 and served a term as part of a battalion staff officer from 1966 till 1967. So Rep. Murtha does know what know about being a member of the US military.

Even more recently Rep. Murtha has found himself another issue to use for hating the President and in doing so has been trashing his fellow Marines. On November 19th of 2005, a convoy came under fire in the town of Haditha while doing a security patrol. At the end of an IED and a fire-fight between gunmen and the Marines over 15 civilians were killed. The initial report from the on-scene commander was that the civilians were killed by the IED. However, with in a few months that changed and the commander of the 1st Marine Division relieved the battalion commander and two company commanders of the same battalion. It later came out that the JAG corps was investigating the incident to see if the Marines operated outside of the rules of engagement and could have potentially violated the rules of war. Rep. Murtha has picked this up and even before the full UCMJ Article 32 investigation (which is in the military similar to a civilian grand jury investigation) had been completed, started to fire off his mouth stating that in thin veiled words that this was no better then another My Lai. This is a completely unfair, yet typical of modern American treatment, of accused people. What is worse about this whole thing is how Rep. Murtha is using this to further his own (and possibily the Democrats) political agenda by claiming even before all the evidence and the trial has been done that the US Marines of that convoy are guilty of to quote "in cold blood". One can see just by using News Google that this quote by Rep. Murtha has just spun up the radical left and the anti-war folks along with most of the media both in the US and on the outside.
This Rep. Murtha is very un-honorable and of piss poor attitude to take of fellow Marines. Let alone of the standard un-written ideal of the US that one is assumed to be inoccent until proven guilty by a court of law infront of thier peers. Yet as I look at this incident and at Rep. Murtha, I honestly believe that this is nothing more then a typical radical Democratic tactic and similar to another Democrat I just wish I could think of his name.

Seeing these people do this too fellow servicemembers isn't right and it burns me up. I know that not every member of the US military or any military is a hero type, yet not all of them are as what is put out by the radical left either. Dumb, aggresive, robots who couldn't get a job someplace in this failing (or great depending on the politico party in charge) economy. As I look at it these guys are no better then ex-cops that become politicos and turn on their buddies in the police force. Asking for investigations into various police brutality incidents that pop up in the media or police graft incidents. They then will try and stand there the next minute and use those same groups to try and further their own agenda at various photo ops.
It just makes me sick to my stomach to watch things like that go on.

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