04 January 2007

Hummer folks are way too bored making holes in the sky.

I had gotten an email yesterday asking me to show this infamous Sun King video that I was talking about in my previous post. Digging around on Time Magazines favorite Internet toy for the last year, You tube dot com. I found not one, but two different videos that were upload by the fine folks of VAW-116. So for your viewing pleasure or discomfort here are the fine folks of VAW-116 The Sun Kings singing and being just silly as part of their mid-cruise blahs for last year.

Oh and why do I call the E-2 the "hummer" instead of its proper name of Hawkeye. Well you stand near those limb separators ,that they call turbo props, long enough while running round on the flight deck and after a while the thing sounds like it is humming. Especially so after it takes the cat shot.

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