03 January 2007

Good Music?

I got sent a copy of the now classic VAW-116 "Sun Kings" own take on the Black Eye Peas song "Pump It" it took me a while of having to listening to this around the workcenter before I finally realized what song the B.E.P's sampled from. Well actually, in my opinion, they took the whole dang song and just laid thier own words on top it of it. That song was "Misirlou" as re-arranged for a guitar by one of the greatest guitar players in the last 40yrs, Dick Dale. I don't know you compare the two as I have dug around both the Black Eye Pea's verison and Dick Dale's original.

Dick Dale playing at a live Concert this past year in Amsterdam

Now the Black Eye Peas

I like Dick Dale better myself, he puts on a better concert.

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