02 February 2007

Go or No go?

So I got an interesting phone call today from my parents today. It seems as though my high school class is organizing its 10yrs reunion. The problem it seems as though that plenty of poeple want to go to it. Yet, no one wants to do the hard stuff such as the planning, organizing, data collection, etc on getting everyone together. This is kind of disappointing to see that everyone in my high school class wants to party hard , but no one wants to be the host. The phone call that was being routed to me was if I wanted to be the guy in large and in charge. I have been arguing with myself about this for all day and am not completely sure if I want to do this. I am currently about 8hrs away from the town that I went to high school from so if I do this then I would have to give up portions of my weekend to talk to people and do the arranging. I want to see some of the people I went to school with, but I am not completely sure if I could handle running a workcenter, my personnal life, and then try to arrange a reunion for my high school class all the while being ready to redeploy. So the question I keep asking myself is "Go or no Go?"



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