09 July 2008

Style decisions and registration

So this past weekend myself and the future misses were out doing our registration bit for the upcoming wedding. I really don't have a style per say, since primarily I have lived in places where the only style has been haze grey wall paint and battleship grey flooring. The only other living arrangements that I have had besides living under my parents house was at military style barracks. Most of these barracks rooms always seem to have a mandatory motivational poster, a poster that was usually a natural scene common to the region, finally the paint scheme was always white and I always seemed to be in the ones with a tiled floor that were an off shade of yellow because the wax had not been taken up and replaced in years.

Anyhow, I spent the last weekend (and expect this next weekend doing the same) walking around a major department store comparing and trying to discuss about what our respective styles are. The future misses is a light and airy person and most of her house is painted and decorated in that sort of scheme. So we spent the better part of a day walking around the home section of this major US retailer, making discussions about what the good china, the everyday china, bed spreads, and shellfish forks would look like. At the end of the day I think we were both frustrated. Our different views on that day seem to conflict.

So to make it easier on both of us, I have told her to go out on her one after work. Look around write down what she likes and then the next few weekends before the wedding just add it on to the registration after we talk about her choices to decide on something that we like.

I wonder if this is what the future is going to be?

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