15 June 2007

If I could afford to gas it and maintain it.

Deep thought for the day.

If I had the money to buy it, fuel it, and to maintain. Is a Grumman J2F Duck. I just think it would be cool to have at the local flying club on base. Then if I had a good weekend, hop in it with my fishing gear and find some secluded spot in one of the bay, coves, or lake. Spend the day fishing while sitting on the wing or in the radio operators station. Then when I have had enough, start the engine up again and come on home.

The Grumman J2F Duck is a further expansion of a design that Leroy Grumman borrowed from a former employer, Loeing Aircraft Co. It was so successful that it originally came into active service in the early 30's and served in a variety of locations and with either the US Navy or the US Coast Guard from 1931 until 1945.

It is a pretty easy aircraft from the maintaince side of the house. Just a rotary engine, hand cracked landing gear, cables and pulleys of the flight controls. In the cockpit there are some pretty simple gauges. A wet compass, a engine speed and temp guage, attitude indicators, then there is just a simple UHF radio that would be capable of doing radio direction finding. UHF radios aren't that hard to fix.
Like I said if I had the money for it. I would use it to go fishing or hunting in those hard spots to get to in other ways. I just think it would be a fun plane to play with where I am at right now.



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