06 June 2007

Some cool movies to watch

I cruise YouTube every so often for interesting videos and ran across these little time wasters and decided to pass them on to you all to keep you entertained, while I craft my next deep thought about the world.

Scooters return to aircraft carriers.
First up is a video from the Brazilian Navy and VF-1 "Falcons". The Brazilian Navy has an aircraft carrier the ex-French Carrier Foch now renamed Sao Paulo and they operate from her some SH-3G Sea King anti-submarine helicopters and a number of A-4Ku Skyhawks, aka "Scooters".

The Mighty Grumman Prowler
This is a video shot by VAQ-141 of the Might Grumman EA-6B Prowler in flight and in action.

The same thing no matter what navy you are in.
This is a video from the French carrier Charles de Gaulle. It shows that the same scenes are repeated no matter where you are. Dawn patrol, plane captains up prepping jets for launch, FOD walk down, launch and recovery cycles.

A Big and Beautiful Plane
This is a shot of an North American A-5B Vigilante. This was a large and powerful aircraft designed in the 60's to deliver a nuclear weapon on to the Soviets. It had a novel way of doing it as well. As the plane executed what was called the "Idiot Loop" or a also known as an Half Cuban Eight to deliver the weapon on the target, the nuclear weapon would be ejected out the tail in between the exhausts. However, one minor issue was that the airplane was so clean when flying that she use to keep the bomb in her slipstream and actually drag it along with the tail cone and the two extra fuel tanks they put inside the bomb bay a little bit until the bomb fell out of the slip stream. That along with some other issues pulled the A-5 away from the nuclear strike role, rather she was modified with cameras and was used to cross the beach alone and unafraid at twice the speed of sound to take before and after pictures of US carrier air wings targets in Vietnam. The Viggie was a big beast as well. She weight in at well over 48 thousand pounds taking off or coming in to land on an aircraft carrier, the heaviest to date airplane to do so constantly. She was 76ft from the point on the nose to the blunt end of the tail. I don't know but for some reason this plane just looks cool in the air and on the ground. It looks and was fast. In general it looks cool.

Well I hope you get a kick out of these little time wasters. Stay tuned more coming up soon about the 6th of June.



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