15 May 2007

Random thoughts

Been busy on a rescue det for one of my airplanes and then having to roll down to a training base in Nevada a couple of weeks ago, which I am still at. I have been busier then a one-legged man at a butt kicking contest. When I get back home and things slow down for me may give me a chance to get caught up on some of my postings.

Just some quick notes to pass on to some of my military readers:

It takes a high school education to fix what a college education breaks.
Even without a degree I have seen some kids show up Rocket 1 cause they took it upon themselves to learn how a system worked inside and out. I have also seen Rocket 1 get humble and thank one of my kids for showing him more then he forgot about said system. It is all about tact, now if some of the LCDR's and senior LT's learn that fact. Just because you graduated top 10% of the top 10% of U of Ivy League doesn't make you smart. Respect needs to go both ways.

Losing people put a serious bummer on a training det
Not any of mine and that is all I am going to say about that.

Shift wars suck
Those of you in some sort of maintenance department anywhere in the world understand that statement.

Repeat after me. I am an old dog and trying to keep up with the young pups only leads to butt drag at work.
Long nights at work and after getting off, going over the the hill to Casino town and staying in town till shift change cause everyone is doing well at the Blackjack or Poker tables isn't good on a body. Even harder when every time you put a sniffer full of brandy or a bottle of beer it magically refills itself on the table. I wish I could find out how the casino's do that magic trick, cause I really need it back home.

The 750,000th time is lucky charm
This humble scribe may have found happiness in a blind date. If you consider only a few quick dates before flying out to Training town and long phone calls where she says "I miss you" good. Honestly, I don't care what you think, cause I am happy for right now and as the song goes I will probably be obvlious to everything else in the world cause I am falling in love with a woman.

4hrs on the phone isn't long is it? What if it is with a beautiful, smart, and wonderful woman?
Enough said

Last random thought for the day is this one:

Cameras are verbotene at command gatherings where one's choice of drink is Jose, Jack, Jim, James, Bud, Mich, and jungle juice.
Unless you got pics of Rocket 1 picking his nose, the new ensign showing how he put himself through college, and finally how the one of the aircrew earned that call sign full of innuendo . It isn't blackmail. Rather an insurance policy...that's it. My....I mean... an insurance policy. Oh and don't ask what is in jungle juice, just know that it can either calm the savage beast or turn them into a screaming banshee.



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