24 April 2007

Scenes from the Flight Deck

On the last episode the following scenes occurred:
"Where is the coffee?" He growled looking worse for wear then the other two in the space.
"So chief went out with the rest of the mess and tied one on. I wonder how bad he is hung over or was yesterday a special occasion because we are away from home and chief operates on a separate set of rules versus home?"

Before anyone else had a chance to say something the phone rang, startling everyone in the little space not much bigger then the walk-in closet that her home had. As that though cross his mind, a smirk crossed his lips as his hand grabbed the receiver.
"Cobra Avionics, AT2 Southern, how may I help you sir/ma'am?"
"South, Maintenance meeting has been moved back to 0715." A female voice called to him over the phone.
"0715 meeting, rog."
He hung up the receiver.
"That was AZ2, as you heard maintenance meeting has been pushed back to 0715. Josh why don't you go and grab some breakfast up forward. I think they were still serving as I came up. Or at least you can grab some cereal. Chief, this isn't like back at the beach. We haven't drawn our coffee issue yet. Technically the pot" ,and as he said that his arm pointed out to the percolators pot that was sitting on top of the large gray safe in the space, "is illegal since there are a number of hoops you need to jump through while on board, USS Neverdocd to run a coffee mess."
"Oh right I forgot. Looks like I will have to stumble back down the mess and get coffee from one of their pots. See you guys in a few."
"S, I will take you up on your offer. Go ahead and take the meeting. I am going to try and grab some food."
"Hey, where is maintenance? I know it moved."
"03-60-1. Just down the way from the HS bubbas."
"Ahh, I know where you are talking about now. Thanks.
Both of them walked out and he was left to his thoughts for a few moments. He looked around and realized he was an old hand at this now. After doing a six and half month cruise in this space it hadn't changed much from two years previously. The only thing missing was the scrawny little 13in TV that was on the workbench. at the one end of the space.
"Hmm, that is interesting. I guess no more Roger Ball show for a while. Got to remember to ask about that at maintenance. Which reminds me where is the pass down log"
He looked around for a couple of minutes and found the pea green book which was the size of the standard spiral notebooks he use to have in school. Picking it up and flipping till he found an blank page and started to put down the standard lines for notes and info. He then went and wrote down the fact that a TV was missing from the space. Looking at the few meager toolboxes they brought out. Nearly all of which still had the tape from when they were packed up back at home. The ring of the bells across the announcing system and a quick check of his watch told him that it was 0700 and time to find the maintenance desk and a good place to sit.
Down the passageway and around the corner to find the maintenance desk. This was a bigger maintenance control then they had during cruise, but it was in a worst space. Just up the way was the starboard side entrance to the 03 wardroom. Nearly all the air wing and to an extent the ship's airdale officers would stomp their way past the desk on the way to get some food from there. Opening the bottom of the dutch door he walked into maintenance.
"Morning Domitila. Do we have a workloads?"
"Yea, about that. Robyn just unpacked the server and we are awaiting the IT's to come by and set the sucker up."
"Right, welcome to the boat. Oh joy." he said a little sarcastically
"Yea, welcome to the boat." she answered and a smile crossed her face.
"You seen the controllers or the brain?" he asked wondering why the none of the maintenance chiefs were in nor was the Maintenance Master chief was in. It was a real surprise to not see the MMCPO in since back at the rock he was an early riser and usually in before everyone screening his own copy of the full squadron workload.
"Last time I saw any of them was last night when I came staggering on board from grabbing dinner and some drinks. They were pretty wild, crazy, and very drunk."
"I know my new chief just came in and looked like some form of death warmed over."
Just as he said that the door opened again and a tall, blond hair man with some small glasses on his mousy looking face walked in. He looked pretty rested and wide awake, standing there in front of both him and AZ2 in his khakis.
"A few of your guys stay out too late at Green's last night Southern?"
"No, Senior. I was just asking about a few of the other people that we know about."
"Okay. AZ2 where is my FBI and why aren't the workloads in the baskets ready to be passed out."
Southern looked back at the AZ2 while this was being said and watched her mouth something, roll her eyes, and then say the same thing to the Senior Chief that Southern heard just seconds before.
The rest of the maintenance supervisors checked in and a slight rise in things as people started to trade stories on what they did in town.
"Okay people, lets get this thing started." Senior started to say and with that things quieted down.
"All of them but 502 are up and on the beach. 502 has a slow to indicate gripe. 120, we have the contact info for the beach det. Lets get ahold of them before the brow goes up and find out what they need. "
"Right Senior"
"Other then that a few gripes from the cross country that the beach det was able to settle. We are expecting to start CQing tomorrow. Get the shops squared away today and get what SE you all need now. CAG has also stated that the man overboard should be going down around 1300. The rule for us is muster the shop and call Maintenance. Also get a list together of things wrong or missing in the shops and spaces owned by us. Final thing is shift lists folks! We don't all have inputs as to who is playing on first. So get an updated list to maintenance admin."
Everyone started to file out. AT2 staggered out with the rest of them and walked back to his shop.
As he punched the combo into the lock to enter, the 1MC spoke again with bells announcing it was 0800.
"That didn't seem like a 30min meeting, but we probably didn't have much so I just zoned the rest of it out. Oh well."
He walked in thinking that. Looking around he noticed just AT1 in the shop.
"Where is Chief?"
"Went down to the mess to see if he couldn't wrangle breakfast and coffee."
"Okay. Big things from maintenance is get ready for underway. CQ starts tomorrow, knock out the SE draw today. Possible MOB at 1300, typical for the squadron is face to face in the shop and then a phone call or runner to maintenance to announce full muster. 502 is down with a gear issue. No workloads yet, nowcommunist is being a pain to set up through the ships network. Oh yea! As per the norm, maintenance admin has lost the shift lists that we submitted before coming out on this pleasure cruise. So before shift change today, we need to give them a new one. Email it or drop it off in person, doesn't matter."
"Right, so what else do we need to get?"
"Skids, Hoists, SHOLS, Pulleys; that is about it"
"So what first?"
"We can get the Hoists down in GSE and the SHOLS and Pulleys from AIMD. Both of those shops are right next to each other."
"Okay show me where these are and lets get ready to catch jets."
For the next two hours it was up and down ladders as he lead his new boss around the ship showing him the important spots on the ship.
Showing back up in the shop, his stomach started to growl. Taking a peek at his watch he realized that it was 30 minutes past noon. The ship had shift colors and gotten underway, or at least as underway as a modern super carrier could have about an hour earlier.
"Hey Josh, Do you want to go and grab some lunch." he stated to the AT1.
"Why what time is it."
"Noon-thirty or 1230 for you non-military types."
"Damn is it that late?"
"Yep and if we don't hurry we will be forced to grab a bite in the taco line. Considering that it is a Monday and the Neverdocd always has tacos and fake-Mexican food for eats on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. I would say lets head down to the forward galley for a water-burger."
"Sounds like a plan."
So they both walked out of the shop and on the way past maintenance, he stuck his head in real quick.
"Hey Senior, AT shop is unmanned. We are grabbing a bite to eat."
"Did you...."
"Yea we got skids, pulleys, shols, and all the rest of the stuff. Everything is tied down for heavy seas. 210 is ready to head back to the boat and back out to sea. Any other dumb questions?"
The senior chief got a quick smile across his face
"AT2 in my days long ago.."
"What when you were the first mate on the Ark?"
"Don't question my age son! Didn't your folks teach you proper respect for your elders? As I was saying in my days long ago as a blue shirt, I would wait until the chief, senior chief, or master chief had finished his statement before answering questions."
"That may have been what it was like in the old Navy senior, but I am part of the new Navy. You have to be ready to jump quickly and quick to draw. That being said, we are caught up for right now and since we just cross the Chesapeake Bridge-tunnel complex, Burger doodle is too far away now. The AT shop is heading to lunch and grabbing a bite to eat before the mess decks close."
"Okay, just remember that the man-over board is at 1300."

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