17 March 2007

I warned you all that this would get worse

Watching the news this morning I saw this report talking about how 8 people were killed and 350 were injured in various degrees when the insurgents detonated 2 separate bombs attached to Chlorine tanks. Which in turn released chlorine gas that harmed women and children along with some Iraqi Police forces.

I have warned you about this before and it only needs to be reemphasized about this dangerous escalation in combat.

To date no one has been able to answer me nor has anyone in the United States of America mainstream media seems to be paying attention more then announcing it as another insurgent attack.
Again my questions are this:

1. How should the United States respond if some of our troops are injured or killed by a chemical weapon?
2. Should the US escalate themselves and use lethal chemical weapons on insurgents because of this escalation?
3. What is the US doing to prevent this from escalating from more then just Chlorine gas to something like the Mustard Gas or a nerve agent such as Sarin or GB?
4.What would we do if the insurgents escalate to lacing their IED with nuclear materials?
5. Why isn't the mainstream media in the US paying attention to this?

I am afraid for this war in Iraq if we have completely given up on paying attention to the changes in the warfare that the insurgents are doing. Let alone the media asking what some of the possible responses would be if they manage to kill our troops with such things as chemical weapons or God forbid a nuclear weapon in any degree.

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