21 February 2007

Problems at Walter Reed Hospitial

So since this previous week when the Washington Post did a series of stories about the out patient care at Walter Reed Army Medical Center problems. This has now caused all sorts of heart-ache and indignation from the politicos across the river at the Capitol, the US Army in the 5-sided wind tunnel is playing CYA, and in general the nation has been let down about the care and treatment of these wounded veteran.
I do feel angry about this situation and do think it is a complete travesty of what should be a good and promised program to help returned injured soldiers either back to their units or back to the world. The idea that the leadership above us enlisted folks cares about us and the medical community is here to help us is one of the biggest things that is pushed by those that are recruiters.
The only thing that makes me more angry is how the authors of this series didn't really do this story (which is behind a subscription service) in any way to care about the injured soldiers. Rather this series seemed to be completely about how the current administration has dropped the ball in some way shape or other. This is the first time in many years that the US military has held to deal with both physical and mental injures resulting from combat. Also I would almost bet the farm to say that conditions at Walter Reed had been and issue for many years before President Bush showed up, probably even before Bush Sr. showed up as well. There is more to this issue then meets the eye. According to current news reports the Army is finding the money and kick starting the people to get the grounds fixed up and repaired properly.
This is a shame, but I think what is even more of a shame is how members of the mainstream media are using this as an issue with the current President and not actually using their abilities to care about the soldiers.

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