15 April 2007

Returned from underway

So yet another underway period on the ship has ended for me this past Friday. Yet, it is only the start of the process of many 30-45 day underway period prior to starting a 6-month cruise. Some new stories to talk about and share. Just some observations to share real quickly that I will elaborate on this week.

New aircraft in our air wing and new problems. We use to have an F-14 Tomcat squadron and a USMC F-18A+ Hornet squadron. Both of those squadrons were replaced with two F-18F Super Hornet squadrons. The F-18F is the dual seat version of the F-18E Super Hornet. The other big problem is that the engines in the F-18F's are more powerful then what I have experience before beyond the J52 engines in my plane. We had a couple of guys injured pretty badly up on the flight deck due to inexperience of both the ground crew and the aviators while taxiing around.

Boat chucks will always be boat chucks.

Being out of the limelight for the maintenance desk is a good thing.

The food is still iffy, the racks are still too small, and there is still no space for anything but work.

Stay tuned I am going to try and share some of these observations via a new method.

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