01 June 2007

About as funny as a Don Imus joke

So my folks sent me an article about an incident over at a cemetery on Orcas Island which is part of the San Juan Islands in Washington state. I am from Washington state and my folks still live in the state. At times it can be very liberal and "progressive", yet this just takes the cake.

For those of you that haven't jumped to the link just yet here is the long of the short. Just before Memorial day a cemetery on Orcas Island was vandalized. Small little American flags that were placed in front of veterans graves were burned up and a number of them were replaced with hand drawn swastikas. So the local American Legion replaced those and it happened again the next night. Talking to my parents this hasn't caused much hand wringing in Seattle or some of the other big cities surrounding Seattle. Heck on the Tuesday edition of one of the papers and the local news stations this story was below the fold inside the local news section and after the 25 minute mark at the 5pm news.

That really hasn't caused me to hand wring that much either, because I see it every so often where I am living. Some of the hate and discontent directed at myself or my shipmates because of foreign policy decisions made by the White House or Congress. Even more interesting to see is the people take up how we are overpaid bloated and in general useless. I have become use to not letting it get to me.

I do get burned up at this desecration of some one's grave. It annoys me just the same as if the perps hadn't done it to vets graves but damaged some one's dear loved one headstone or stone angel or whatever memorial marker. This isn't being funny or trying to make a statement. This is outright dis-respect and at least in my humble opinion turn people off of your statement. If you can't reasonable debate your position and at least be open to hear the other side then I really think you don't deserve to be part of the conversation with the adults. There are plenty of people out there that I feel are like this some of them are the politicos ranging up from city council members to Congress members, selected teachers at the levels of US education system, and some people in general who base their stereotypes on Hollysleeze movies and those books/print journalism that supports their opinion. The most that these people can do is scream and shout and when you don't agree with them then insult you or your belief systems.

Now don't get me wrong I love people that have contrary ideas or positions. I am also pretty open about listening to what people have to say, because it challenges me to think hard and fast about my own position. I am also a person that believes that as long as you and me can agree to disagree and still shake hands at the end of the bottle of beer or cup of coffee, then that has been a good debate. I just wish more people were that tolerant. Oh, well to those the most I can say is this:

"Thank you for your support."

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