12 January 2009

A fun filled new year

Well dear readers I have been busy the past few months. About two months ago I got married. I have been busy dealing with adjusting to married life and living as a Geo-Bachelor. I also transferred from one VAQ outfit to another VAQ outfit. This time I will be going on a WestPac cruise, or Western Pacific Cruise. Heading to places such as Hawaii, Japan, the Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf, and hopefully some fun places such as Singapore and Australia. One of the downsides though is that I am working in a work center outside of my normal rating. I also walked into a work center that is afu'd eight ways to Sunday. I have to spend a whole bunch of time trying to figure out how to bring this work center back in line with local instructions and in line with the master program called the CNAFINST 4790.2a. On top of that I have to prep for an inspection coming along in this week. It is really going to be a fun year. Since basically my career is going to be based on how well I am able to bring this one work center around to being what is ruled "On track" or at a minimum "Needs Work" from the various inspectors coming down the pipeline. Some where in there I need to find time to prep a LDO package and a CPO package. Why? Because I will be eligible for taking the CPO exam in Jan of 2010.

On the home front the honeymoon is almost over. Now we are planning on trying to move into a house in the Pacific Northwest Region. Someplace that we both can afford and it isn't a killer commute for either of us. Someplace that is cheap, has a lawn, and various other features. You know the American dream of having a home, picket fence, and hopefully a ton of kids toys out front. What I really want though when we get a house is a dog. I would love to have a Lab. Honestly, how can you not smile coming home to dog that is just so happy to please and is a great family dog, either that or a German Short Hair Pointer. Both of these are fun, happy, family style dogs. However, my significant other wants to have a small dog. Which I am not opposed to. I just haven't grown up with a little dog. Oh well, just one of those things that I will need to work through as life comes along.

As to the rest of the house. I would love to just have a man cave for myself and a few of my hobbies.



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