27 November 2008

A few holiday rants

So dear readers today is Thanksgiving. My only question for all of you as you all are reading this probably just finished eating the turkey with stuffing, some giblet gravy, some mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and a slew of other typical food for the feast. My only question is What in the world happened that caused this day to suddenly show up. I remember in years past when I was younger (like under the age of 12) that the down time between Halloween and Thanksgiving was the ramp up for Thanksgiving. In the stores there were Thanksgiving decorations and on TV there was usually a Thanksgiving-themed episode for all my favorite TV shows. At least maybe a Thanksgiving themed special. Now a days, you might as well just forget it. It seems that in the last twenty years Christmas has creeped closer and closer to the summer. Heck in a few stores out here in good ol' Washington State I shopped in they were already had a corner set up for Christmas decorations and gifts. Don't try and tell me it was because of the economy, because it the "Christmas Creep" as some have called it is happening earlier and earlier for the past few years even when the economy has been strong.
The two biggest annoyances have been since the first of November when a few radio stations have been playing Christmas music along with all the typical top 40 rotational. Heck since the day of my wedding on Veteran's day there were two stations in the Seattle area that transitioned straight in to only playing Christmas music.
Even worst was the fact that I was at the mall the weekend before the wedding and Santa had already setup and was in the process of setting up for pictures with the rugrats.
I feel very much like Charlie Brown and asking what is the true meaning of Christmas?

On another side of the coin as these holiday times approach and people are asking to donate some of my fellow bloggers out there are donating to the VALOUR-IT project. This program give laptop computers to severely disabled service members so they can help to progress with their lives. This is a very worthwhile cause and I would highly suggest that you all stop by and try to find time to donate either your time, your money, or anything else that these fine people need to help out.

The other thing I would seriously ask everyone that reads this blog is find time to donate to the United Service member's Organization, or the USO. I have stressed it before and I will stress it again. This is a wonderful non-profit organization that provides a little bit of home to the folks stationed away from the US. Whether that is care packages that are delivered to various service members, providing places at airports for someone to put their feet up, or helping to bring entertainers around to help brighten the mood if even for a day of everyone on a ship or at a land base. Even if you can't donate money, find a way to donate your time.

That is all for today. Have a happy turkey day and enjoy the time you have with your friends and family.



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