29 July 2008

Quiet time

I am sure a few of you all have noticed that I haven't been posting as rapidly nor as often as I did before my 7 month paid vacation. That is primarily because I am wrapped up to the top of my head with various projects. The biggest being trying to arrange a marriage ceremony. I have a whole posting that is being fleshed out sitting on my back log about how it seems the world wants to rip off the married couple. Maybe my dad is right and it would be just cheaper to grab a flight to Vegas, spend a night at a hotel, maybe gamble for the honeymoon, then get hitched by Elvis.
The other big project is at work. There are too many things to comment on, mainly it feels that even though we are in stand down, the work load appears to be coming at us as if we are getting ready for a deployment. I am also loosing bodies to various schools and follow on training. At times the only bodies I have is me, myself, and I.
So anyhow that is why I have been slow posting in the last few weeks. I hope to see a few things settle down for me and will wait and see how things pan out.



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