20 July 2008

39 Years ago today

July 20th 1969, Lunar Module touches down on the surface of the Moon.

The Lunar Module had former United States Naval Aviator, Ltjg Neil Armstrong, Korean War Veteran. Successful NACA/NASA test pilot and one of the pilots of the X-1, X-5, X-15 program. He was one of the crew members.

One of the other men inside was Colonel Edward E. "Buzz" Aldrin Jr. A Korean War vetern himself with a pair of MiG-15's under his belt. After the Korean War he flew F-100's in Germany and then went to MIT earning a Masters in Astronautics. Following graduation he was recurited by NASA to join the Gemni program.

Meanwhile floating above in the Command Module taking photography and preparing for the return to Earth was Michael Collins. A former F-86 pilot and graduate of USAF Test pilot school at Edwards AFB. Picked up for the Gemni program 1964.

This mission succeed in accomplishing President John F. Kennedy's plan to land a man on the moon by the end of the decade.

There have been a number of good books and movie dramizations on these missions to achieve the landing on the moon. I would really, really recommend reading these books. Then ask yourself what happened to the NASA that strayed from being able to put men on the moon thirty plus years ago and now is only being able to put probes on to Mars?

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