07 December 2008

A date which doesn't seem to live in infamy anymore

Today is the 67th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. As this day passes more and more of the men and women who survived this day die from old age we lose our contact with history. Even worse is less and less people know about this day and what a history/life changing day it is. How that day lead to our involvement in the Second World War. How this day lead to some of the world changes we say in the last fifty plus year. I would suggest that you take your time head to Survivor's website and find a local Pearl Harbor Survivor's chapter (regional offices can be found under the contact link) . Take time to head out and listen to their stories when they have their meetings. These are some of the most interesting people you can meet and actually be able to say that to your children (or have your children meet) that you meet someone who made history.
I meet a survivor myself years ago, a CWO-4 named Wallace Louis Exum. He was at Whidbey selling and signing a book that he had written named "Battleship" years ago. I still have that book and it is a signed copy. It was very interesting to meet this man and listen to him for a few moments talk about December 7th and the months in Oahu before that day.

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