03 September 2007


So dear readers I survived my 10 year high school reunion two weekends ago. The hotel we were in was pretty nice. The food was good and a catching up with friends I hadn't seen since graduation. There were a few things that threw me for a loop. The biggest thing was even though my graduation class was close to 400 and about 100 or so of us still live in town we probably had about 40 or 50 people actually show up. The other thing was just how much I changed from some of us that were still around. A few of them had traveled around a little bit, but that was only local or any international travel they did do was to either Mexico or Canada. There was one cop and one fireman in all of our class, about 4 people who had reported to the reunion committee along with myself as service members. The rest of the people that I meet there had done the college thing and are now out there. Most were drones in sector 7-B, only a few of the folks that I knew were in senior leadership at wherever they worked. Myself and the romantic intrest really didn't stay that long since I had meet up with the people that I cared to talk to. It was alright function, I think I agree with what my folks told me. The really interesting one will be the 20yr, that will be the one to see who had succeeded in thier life and who was still living in thier glory days of high school or college.

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