21 August 2007

Back to the good ol' days?

Other posters that I read from time to time (such as Cdr Salamander, Neptunus Lex, Steel Jaw Scribe) have commented about a pair of Russian long range bombers being intercepted near the US Territorial island of Guam last month. I recently received this link from across the pond of our good allies the British. The article mentions their quick reaction alert crews in their brand new Typhoon fighters intercepting a Russian bomber near the United Kingdom. This makes me wonder if things are starting to cool down again between NATO/USA and the Russian Bear. What is even more interesting is how the Guam thing and now this UK thing was only given a cursory overview by the US media here. Although I am not given to partisan politics that often, I do wonder if the mainstream media or even some of the more extreme POTUS haters out there couldn't of had yet another opportunity to hold President's feet to the fire about the cooling down of relations between Russia and the US. This also takes me back to pictures and stories from family friends of the days when it was GI Joe vs Ivan the Bear in the middle of the cold war. When the Soviets use to run their long range bombers out of their bases in Russia to Soviet client states such as Cuba, Vietnam, Libya, India, and which ever nation was in their pocket along the Atlantic coast of the African continent at the time. Thinking about those times brought me to these pictures. When at various times US or NATO aircraft intercepted some Soviet long range patrol or long range bombers near US territory or near US Navy task forces or near NATO bases.

A 102th Fighter Intercept Wing F-106 from the MA Air National Guard intercepting a TU-95 Bear E Electronic Patrol aircraft near Nova Scotia. Circa 1984 An A-7E from VA-146 off the USS America intercepts a TU-95 Bear D long range patrol aircraft in the Norwegian Sea during Northern Wedding '82

A F-4J of VF-41 intercepts a TU-95 Bear D near the USS Nimitz in the Indian Ocean in 1979.
A F-15 from the 21st Tactical Fighter Wing based at Elmendorf AFB and a F-14 of VF-74 intercept a TU-95 Bear G near Naval Air Station Adak, Alaska in 1986
A 12th Tactical Fighter Squadron F-15C intercepts a TU-95 Bear H near Nome Alaska in 2006 A Royal Norwegian Air Force F-16A intercepts a TU-22M belonging to the Soviet Naval Aviation over the Norwegian Sea in 1984A Royal Canadian Air Force CF-18A intercepts a Soviet Naval Aviation TU-95 Bear D near Saint John's Bay in 1987
A VA-95 A-6E intercepts a TU-16 Bear J Electronic intelligence aircraft near the USS Enterprise Battle Group in 1989

A KA-6D and F-18A from off the USS Midway intercepts a Soviet IL-38 May maritime patrol aircraft while the Midway was steaming in the Sea of Japan in 1986.

I just wonder if when I go on cruise next time there might be a Russian tattle tail or two following us?



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