25 August 2007

Arrived in the real world 10yrs ago.

Well dear readers. Yours truly, has decided after many moons of consideration to head to his 10yr high school reunion. I am going with the romantic interest. It will be interesting to see how we all have changed since high school. I am still feeling kind of scared about this, but the romantic interest has told me that she will stand by my side and help me get over it.
I know the biggest change for me is that I didn't got to college and now 10yrs later am basically middle or upper management of a maintenance work center. Most of my close friends from college have been out of the college for about 6 years, they are more then likely still in the drone in section 7-b status. That along with the fact that I can tell some really funny (or bad) sea stories of being to places like Lisbon, Naples, Portsmouth, Hiroshima, Rhodes, Palama, Cannes, Monaco, Mount Vesuvius, Crete, Dubai, the Gold Suk, etc.
So as I write this I am arguing with myself about whether to wear the uniform, even if it is the whites, or just go in a nice blazer and pair of slacks to my reunion which is tonight. Will have to hit up the romantic interest and ask her opinion.

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